Baland Jalal is a neuroscientist at Cambridge University School of Clinical Medicine (department of Psychiatry). He has previously been a Fellow at Harvard University (2016, 2018) and a Visiting Scholar at the Center for Brain and Cognition at the University of California at San Diego (2014). He has worked closely with the renowned neuroscientist VS Ramachandran (TIME magazine 100 most influential people in the world) since 2012. He has published 40 papers, book chapters and encyclopedia entries, and is the co-author with Devon Hinton, Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, of an upcoming book (published by Cambridge University Press). He has lectured at institutions worldwide, including Harvard University and Oxford University

The Telegraph described him as “one of the world’s leading experts on sleep paralysis”. He was listed on the media outlet Van Winkle’s  “15 Most Interesting People in Sleep” (list of researchers, writers, and cultural figures). His work has been featured in the international press in over 30 countries, including The Washington Post, The Today Show, The BBC, Chicago Tribune, The Guardian, The Telegraph, New York Magazine, Prevention Magazine, Self Magazine, The Naked Scientists, Fox News, Discovery, New Scientist, Discover Magazine, VICE, Science Daily, PBS (NOVA), International Business Times, The Times of India, Daily Mail, Fusion, Business Insider, ABC News (Australia), The Sun and  many more. He has appeared on TV, podcasts shows and radio stations shows such as BBC two (Victoria Derbyshire) and BBC one,  The Pulse (NPR), Science Vs, Newstalk (Moncrieff Show), and Futureproof.

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