Dr. Baland Jalal obtained his PhD in neuropsychiatry from Cambridge University in the School of Clinical Medicine  (Trinity College Cambridge). He has previously been a Fellow at Harvard University (2016 and 2018) and a Visiting Scholar at UC San Diego (2014). He earned his BA at the American University in Cairo and another BA at the University of Copenhagen. He is a close collaborator of the renowned neuroscientist VS Ramachandran (2011 TIME magazine 100 most influential people in the world) with whom he has co-authored 10 papers. He has published over 35 papers, and is co-author with Devon Hinton, Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, on a forthcoming book by Cambridge University Press (“Transdiagnostic Multiplex CBT for Muslim Cultural Groups: Treating Emotional Disorders”). He has lectured worldwide including at Harvard  and Oxford University and taught at Cambridge University (as an undergraduate supervisor).

An article in the Telegraph referred to him as “one of the world’s leading experts on sleep paralysis”. He was listed by Van Winkle (“sleep blog” by Casper Sleep) as one of the “15 Most Interesting People in Sleep” (list of researchers, writers, and cultural figures). His work has been featured in the press in over 30 countries including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Today Show, The BBC, Chicago Tribune, The Guardian, NBC News, New York Magazine, The Times, The Telegraph, Reuters, Daily Mail, Fox News, Discovery, New Scientist,  Discover Magazine, VICE, The Sun, ABC News (Australia) and PBS NOVA. He has appeared on TV and radio such as BBC one and two, and the Pulse (NPR).

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