Newstalk (Futureproof) – Body Identity Integrity Disorder (radio/podcast interview), March 2018. Listen here.

Newstalk (Futureproof) – Sleep Paralysis (radio/podcast interview), November 2017. Listen here.

The Pulse (NPR) – Sleep paralysis: How a Deep-Sleep Glitch Can Conjure the Boogeyman, July 2017. Listen here

Future Proof (interview of the rubber hand illusion and neurological syndromes), December 2015

Digital and Print Media 

The Week – Who is the Hat Man? The Nightmare Shared by Dreamers Across the World, October 2018. Details.

The Telegraph – Are You Suffering from Sleep Paralysis? October 2018. Details.

Chicago Tribune – New Hope for Those with OCD Who Scrub Their Hands until They Bleed, October 2018. Details.

The Washington Post – Obsessive-Compulsive disorder: The Simple Videos that Researchers Hope Will Help People who Scrub Their Hands Until They Bleed, October 2018. Details.

Cambridge University News – Brain Training App Helps Reduce OCD Symptoms Study Finds (Researcher Profile: Baland Jalal), October 2018. Details.

PBS (NOVA) – The Nightmare of Sleep Paralysis, August 2018. Details.

New Scientist – Watching Others Wash Their Hands May Relief OCD Symptoms, August 2017. Details

Van Winkle’s – The Most Interesting People in Sleep, May 2017. (List of 15 most interesting people in sleep [researchers, writers and cultural figures]). Details

Van Winkle’s – The Sleep Habits of Great Minds: Baland Jalal, Neuroscientist, February 2017. Details

New York Magazine – A Neuroscientist Tried to Help Me Overcome My Sleep Paralysis, July 2016. (On MR-Therapy for sleep paralysis). Details

Van Winkle’s – Is There Finally a Solution to the Nightmare of Sleep Paralysis?, January 2016. (On MR-Therapy for sleep paralysis). Details

Discover Magazine – To Study OCD Scientists get Their (Rubber) Hands Dirty, December 2015. (On OCD and the rubber hand illusion). Details 

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